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Placenta Previa in Pregnancy (cont.)

Medication for Placenta Previa

Women with placenta previa who experience heavy bleeding may require blood transfusions in order to replace lost blood. Intravenous fluids are usually given. In cases where the patient is contracting, tocolytic drugs (medications that slow down or inhibit labor) are given. Magnesium sulfate and terbutaline (Brethine) are examples of such medications.

A woman with placenta previa may be given corticosteroid medications to accelerate fetal lung maturity (when the infant is premature) prior to Cesarean delivery (C-section).

Surgery for Placenta Previa

A Cesarean delivery is usually planned for women with placenta previa as soon as the baby can be safely delivered (typically after 36 weeks' gestation). An emergency Cesarean section or a Cesarean delivery at an earlier gestational age may be necessary for heavy bleeding that cannot be stopped or for fetal distress.

Follow-up for Placenta Previa

Women who are on bed rest at home should follow their health care provider's instructions regarding activity level and follow-up examinations. Obstetrical follow-up care is necessary after delivery.

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