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Plague (cont.)

Plague Disease Prevention

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A previously used plague vaccine is no longer manufactured and not commercially available. It was only effective against the bubonic form of the illness. A small amount of vaccine is obtainable from the U.S. government under special conditions (for example, plague bacteria researchers).

  • In general, to prevent contracting plague, people should avoid contact with wild animals. Controlling rat and flea populations where plague is found is also important.
  • Anyone who has had contact with a plague-infected patient (including hospital and rescue personnel) should be watched carefully for symptoms. At the first sign of illness (such as fever or swollen glands), doctors will begin antibiotic treatment.
  • Pets and people who have come into contact with a plague-infected person may be given antibiotics under some circumstances as a preventive measure.
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Plague, first described in the Old Testament, has persisted into the modern era.

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