Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy Week-by-Week - First, Second, Third Trimester)

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Medically Reviewed on 7/16/2019

Doctor's Notes on Pregnancy Week-by-Week - First, Second, Third Trimester)

A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks and is divided into three groups known as trimesters. The first trimester refers to weeks 1-12 of the pregnancy. The second trimester refers to weeks 13-28, and the third trimester refers to weeks 29-40. There are characteristic signs and symptoms of each stage of pregnancy, although women may vary in the degree, type, and intensity of their symptoms.

Symptoms associated with the first trimester include tiredness, breast tenderness or swelling, nauseas that may be accompanied by vomiting, headache, and mood swings. In the second trimester a woman may experience relief of nausea and fatigue. Symptoms and signs of the third trimester can include heartburn, swelling of the ankles, trouble sleeping, and feeling the baby “drop” or move lower into the abdomen.

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