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Symptoms and Signs of Prolapsed Bladder

Doctor's Notes on Prolapsed Bladder

A prolapsed bladder is medically known as a cystocele. This occurs due to weakening of the tissues between a woman's bladder and her vagina, allowing the bladder to droop into the vagina. A cystocele may be mild or severe. A cystocele can be caused by muscle straining while giving birth. Other activity such as such as heavy lifting or repeated straining during bowel movements can also cause the condition.

Signs and symptoms of a prolapsed bladder include leakage of urine and an inability to completely empty the bladder. Other associated symptoms can include a feeling of fullness or pressure in the pelvis, lower back pain, a need to urinate urgently, pain during sexual intercourse, and a bulge in the vagina that can be felt or seen.

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Medically Reviewed on 4/5/2019


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