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Prolapsed Uterus (cont.)

Prolapsed Uterus Causes

The following conditions can cause a prolapsed uterus:

  • Childbirth injury to the ligaments and muscles that support the walls of the bagina.
  • Weakening and loss of tissue tone after menopause with loss of natural estrogen production by the ovaries/
  • Conditions leading to increased pressure in the abdomen such as chronic cough (with bronchitis and asthma), straining (with constipation), pelvic tumors (rare), or an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
  • Being overweight or obese resulting in additional strain on pelvic muscles
  • Radical surgery in the pelvic area leading to loss of external support

Other risk factors

  • Heavy weight lifting resulting in increased intra-abdominal pressure due to straining.
  • Racial factors (Caucasian and Asians are more commonly affected than African American people).
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