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Prolapsed Uterus (cont.)

Prolapsed Uterus Surgery

The choice of surgery for uterine prolapse depends upon many factors, including the patient's age, overall state of health, and desire for future childbearing. When indicated, and in severe cases of prolapse, the uterus can be removed (hysterectomy). During the procedure, the surgeon can also correct the sagging of the vaginal walls, urethra, bladder, or rectum. The surgery may be performed abdominally (through an incision on the abdomen), vaginally (through incisions made in the vaginal walls), or laparoscopically (using special instruments to perform the surgery through small tiny incisions.

Prolapsed Uterus Other Therapy

If a woman does not want surgery or is a poor candidate for surgery, she may decide to wear a supportive device (pessary) in the vaginal canal to support the falling uterus. A pessary can be used on a temporary basis in preparation for surgery, or on a permanent basis in patients who cannot or will not undergo surgical correction. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and they must be fitted to each woman. If the prolapse is severe, a pessary may not be retained by the vagina (i.e. it will not stay inside the vagina). Pessaries may cause odor and vaginal discharge. They may also initiate vaginal erosions, leading to vaginal bleeding. Pessaries much be removed, cleaned, and reinserted at periodic intervals.

Prolapsed Uterus Follow-up

Follow-up for uterine prolapse is determined by how the condition was initially treated.

  • If the woman had surgery, she needs to follow-up according to her surgeon's advice.
  • If the woman has a pessary inserted in the vagina, it needs to be cleaned and checked by a health care professional for the correct position and fitting at regular intervals unless she is instructed on how to remove it and clean it herself at home. Many patients are unable to remove or reinsert a pessary. The individuals must return to their doctor for regular pessary care.
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