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Symptoms and Signs of Prolapsed Uterus

Doctor's Notes on Prolapsed Uterus

Prolapsed uterus symptoms are due to the displacement of the uterus from its normal position in the body. Individuals with a prolapsed uterus may have signs and symptoms listed below:

  • pressure or feeling a mass in the pelvis,
  • feeling that something’s coming out of the vagina,
  • cervix can be felt near the vaginal opening or protruding from the vagina,
  • painful intercourse,
  • difficulty with urination,
  • difficulty with bowel movements,
  • low back pain, and
  • difficulty walking


The cause of a prolapsed uterus is related to weakening of the muscles and ligaments that hold the organ in place. Conditions that cause a prolapsed uterus are usually related to conditions that injure the supporting muscles and ligaments and are as follows:

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