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Raynaud Syndrome


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Comment from: Maditina, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 20

I have had Raynaud's since 2002, which is the year I had my daughter. Her father had gone out bow hunting and brought home with him a deer tick and shared it with me. I took it off and never thought much of it and a few months later I woke up in such pain. My knee cap was moved way up and my other half took me to the walk-in and had fluid drained from my knee. I was on the borderline of Lyme disease. I was not sure that there was a border line for it, but they treated me for it. Anyway, after two months of different testing and couple of doctors, I was diagnosed with it. I still get it. I get it when I am tired, outside when it is cold or warm. So I make it a habit of carrying hand warmers. Best thing to ever invest in.


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