REM Sleep Behavior Disorder


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Comment from: 19-24 Female Published: September 01

I'm not diagnosed yet but I've had trouble sleeping for years. This sounds a lot like me, just more severe. I sometimes wake up with scratches that I didn't go to bed with. If someone is next to me, they sometimes will tell me, that I kept moving and jumping a bit.

Comment from: jwhitney3, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 24

I had sleep study 2 weeks ago it confirmed no REM sleep even though I take 1.5 to 2 mg Klonopin a night (for about the last 10 years). I am so very tired all the time, thought my depression was getting worse so Dr increased my prozac and added then increased wellbutrin. See the neurologist next month, hope I can just take higher dose of Klonopin and get back to sleeping and no more violent nightmares; most doctors I see do not want to prescribe Klonopin at all!

Comment from: MotownRocker, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: April 18

I have suffered from absence of achieving REM sleep for many years. I recall being a preteen and having issues with staying asleep. Now, in my young 60s, I continue to sense that my sleep disorder is worsening.

Comment from: mark, 45-54 Male Published: October 21

Hi I have been diagnosed with rem but I am wondering if there are any more day time affects as I get very tired at periods during the day and also suffer from headaches. I also wake up with a muggy head and seem to need extra sleep. I would be grateful for any extra advice as I don't seem to have a lot to go by. Many thanks.

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"Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder"

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