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Scabies - Effective Treatments

What kinds of treatments have been effective for your scabies?

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Comment from: Pretty Redd, (Patient) Published: May 25

I found out that using Sergeant's Skip-Flea and Tick shampoo for dogs and puppies cleared my scabies up. Take a shower morning and at night using this shampoo. This shampoo is inexpensive and gets the job done. It has 10 percent of permethrin in it. As of this day I still use it to avoid re-infestation.

Comment from: Maria, Female (Patient) Published: December 18

I got scabies from hugging a member of a family as they buried their loved one at a cemetery. Permethrin did not kill the little critters after two treatments. I read an article online that stated that 6 drops of pure clove oil (clove oil is dangerously stronger than I could have imagined) to 8 ounces of olive oil (yes, that is the correct ratio; 6 drops, I used Now brand, of clove to 8 oz. olive oil) would provide enough heat to resolve the issue. It proved true. This formula killed the adults overnight. I re-applied 4 days later to kill any eggs that might have survived. I wish my doctor had known about this weak, inexpensive solution before I had wasted my money on the cream or spent almost two weeks struggling with this problem.

Comment from: The Joker, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: October 22

There are only two ways to treat scabies. One go see your doctor. Two, what helped me get cured is using either antifungal powder or best home remedy, pure neem oil. Apply in affected areas. Neem oil will numb the itching and provide relief within 3 or 4 days. And you should wash your clothes, especially your blankets and bedsheets. Because scabies is a fungal infection. So the fungus might be in your bedsheets even after you get cured and it may again cause you scabies. Only people who have suffered from scabies will know the pain of re-infestation. And it especially spreads in hostels and where many people live together it is contagious. Hope people who read this get cured with the best antifungal natural home remedy neem oil but it should be pure. Best of luck from one of the victims of scabies.

Comment from: robert, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: September 28

I went undiagnosed for almost 3 years. Once confirmed as scabies I took weekly treatments at first with Nix cream and then ended up doing 5 daily treatments with Nix to get rid of it. Three months and it was gone. I figured I picked it up from a hotel I stayed at. I heard later it had some kind of infestation. I'm not sure why doctors took so long to diagnose it. It would have saved me years of suffering.

Comment from: NH Kitty, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: May 29

On my first visit to my doctor, after 3 weeks of rash, which I thought was from a hotel hot tub, my doctor diagnosed me with scabies. I did have a very active traveling period from Christmas through April 1st. Staying in hotels, so I am sure I picked it up on bedding, or a bus, airplane, movie theater, etc., you can pick it up anywhere! I have been totally consumed by this, think about it constantly, always online trying to find the cure, buying all sorts of creams and oils, and I can only sleep for a couple of hours. End of April I started with permethrin treatment. Then I tried salt spray and Sarna Cream and had sea salt bath followed by cool showers and felt better. I added tea tree oil to sea salt spray, and added neem oil to Sarna medicated moisturizer and applied it for itch. When in tub baths I did exfoliating with scrub brush on affected area, but had to stop as it seemed too harsh. The permethrin treatment is tough on your skin. I showered or bathed 2 times per day, cleaned sheets and towels daily, vacuumed floors and furniture, sprayed furniture, car seats and some carpeting with permethrin spray. I bagged things that I have worn if not washed, in garage. I put shoes in freezer, sprayed and bagged. I wore pedi-socks all of the time in the house. Mattresses were encased in zippered covers. All clothing, bedding and towels went into garbage bag until ready to be washed in hot water, detergent and borax. I used hot dryer and I have cleaned things to the best of my ability. I am usually a very social person, but now find myself wanting to be in my clean bed, after a sea salt bath or cool shower. Sarna lotion offers the best moisturizer/anti-itch formula. Spot treat pimples with tea tree oil. Give the permethrin a chance to work before trying all of the harsh bleach, turpentine, etc. treatments you read about. After doing your initial environmental cleanup, you really have to concentrate on yourself, your clothing and your bedding. The mites want you! After 2nd visit to my doctor, he gave me a prescription for hydroxyzine, which has stopped the night itching and has allowed me to sleep. I think I am finally on the mend, but after almost two months, I am still dealing with it!

Comment from: mspip, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: October 05

I had this miserable scabies for over a month before I went to doctor. I used neem oil and neem soap but saw little improvement. I was given prescription for permethrin cream a week ago today. It is still itching and I have read information from clinic which says it may keep itching for two weeks or more after treatment. Do not order an online ointment which I did, a really convincing ad and it was guaranteed or money back. I am sending it back today. Three places are the worst; abdomen, upper chest, and back of left hand. A bit unsightly but all can be covered with clothing except the hand. It seems that it came from a motel which looked clean, but a few weeks later I got scabies.


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Scabies - Symptoms and Signs

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