Kelli Miller Stacy
Writer, WebMD, LLC

Kelli Miller Stacy has been covering health and medicine for more than 15 years. Her work has appeared in a variety of consumer and scientific publications, including The Scientist, Popular Science, UCLA Healthy Years, the Cleveland Clinic Men's Health Advisor, Weill-Cornell Women's Health Advisor, Mt. Sinai's Focus on Healthy Aging, and Arthritis Today. She is co-author of the book Encyclopedia of the Human Body: The Endocrine System. She has also worked as editorial director for A.D.A.M., Inc. and as a contributor to,, and other health-related web sites.

Stacy is certified by the Board of Editors in Life Sciences and winner of the American Medical Association's Eric Martin Award for excellence in medical reporting. Her interest in science and medicine stems from her experience as a pharmacy technician and the pursuance of a pharmacy degree while in college. (In the end, she opted for journalism.)

Stacy lives in suburban Atlanta with her husband, Rob, and son, Cullen.

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