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Physicians' Review Network (PRN)

Physicians' Review Network (PRN) is an Independent Medical Review Organization made up of a large network of physicians located throughout the United States that provides fair and unbiased reviews of all types of medical content. Below is a list of doctors that have reviewed content on our site.

  • Aimee V. Hachigian-Gould, MD
  • Ashraf Ali, MD
  • Avrom Simon, MD
  • Jay B. Zatzkin, MD
  • John A. Daller, MD
  • Joseph Carcione, DO
  • Joseph Palermo, DO
  • Kenneth Rotskoff, MD, DDS
  • Kirkwood Johnston, MD
  • Margaret Walsh, MD
  • Michael Manning, MD
  • Michael Wolff, MD
  • Peter O’Connor, MD
  • Robert Cox, MD
  • Robert J. Bryg, MD
  • William Baer, MD
  • Jon Glass, MD
  • Martin E. Zipser, MD
  • James E. Gerace, MD
  • Steven Nelson, OB-GYN
  • Rambod Rouhbakhsh, MD
  • Jay Zatzkin, MD

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Reviewed on 4/18/2019

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