Zilpah Sheikh, MD

Zilpah Sheikh, MD

Zilpah Sheikh, MD

Dr. Zilpah Sheikh, MD, is a dermatologist with over seven years of clinical experience in the Medical /Healthcare/Life Science industries.

Dr. Zilpah graduated from Liaoning Medical University, P.R. China in 2012 and received her master's degree from the Crimean Federation University, Russia in 2016.

Dr. Zilpah is a competent dermatologist skilled in diagnosing and treating a variety of skin conditions and co-morbidities associated with them. She has performed a variety of procedures, such as chemical peeling, micro-needling, scar revision, platelet-rich plasma injections, ergonomics of hair transplant by advanced FUE method, and tattoo removal to enhance the aesthetics of a patient’s skin and hair.

She has served at several health organizations treating psoriasis, acne, STDs, and fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections along with numerous other skin-related problems through pharmacological management, counseling, and early medical intervention when necessary.

She has been actively involved in medical content creation and excels at medical writing, reviewing, and developing strategies. She has a thorough understanding of medical terminologies and procedures to accurately review medical content.

Dr. Zilpah currently lives with her daughter, mother, and her husband, an orthopedic surgeon.

Reviewed on 9/30/2022

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