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Sexual Assault (cont.)

Staying safe from sexual assault

Steps you can take to reduce your chances of being sexually assaulted include:

  • Making sure you don't drink too much alcohol, so you can keep yourself safe
  • Parking in well-lit areas
  • Not leaving a social event with someone you just met
  • Keeping your car and home doors locked
  • Having your key ready as you approach your door

One important way to stay safe at clubs and parties is to learn more about date rape drugs. These are drugs that have no smell or taste that can be slipped into drinks. They are used to make it hard for a person to fight off a rape or to remember what happened. You can read answers to frequently asked questions about date rape drugs.

Another important way to avoid sexual abuse is to leave a relationship that is becoming unhealthy. Remember, no one has a right to pressure you into doing sexual things you do not want to do. If you think your relationship may be abusive, learn more about the signs of abuse.

Last update: 5/18/2011

Last Editorial Review: 5/18/2011

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