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Shin Splints (cont.)

Shin Splints Symptoms

Pain associated with MTSS most often occurs on the third of shinbone or the tibial bone that is furthest from the knee. The following are common signs and symptoms of MTSS:

  • A distinguishable lump or gap felt at that location
  • A "crunchy" feeling on that spot caused by inflammation
  • Four grades of pain:
    • during activity
    • before and after activity, but not affecting performance
    • before, during, and after athletic activity affecting performance
    • pain so severe that performance is impossible

When to Seek Medical Care for Shin Splints

When the pain begins to interfere with your activities of daily living or if you cannot perform your desired activities without pain, you should consider seeking medical attention. Other indicators that you should seek medical care are if the area begins to look deformed, becomes exquisitely tender to the touch, or is causing you to move differently.

Shin Splints Exams and Tests

The doctor will take a brief history to determine how the injury occurred. If necessary, a thorough physical exam will be conducted to evaluate if any other injuries are present.

  • Both shins will be physically and visually examined by the medical practitioner. The lower leg will be touched and inspected to identify obvious deformities or any differences in the bones of the lower leg.
  • The nerves in the leg will be tested to make sure no injury has occurred there.
  • An X-ray, MRI, or bone scan of the shin may be taken to determine if there are changes in the makeup of the bone.
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