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Shin Splints (cont.)

Return to Participation and Prevention after Shin Splints

Returning to participation and prevention of MTSS are limited by the same factors. MTSS is most often caused by doing too much of a particular activity too fast. MTSS is usually seen at the beginning of a conditioning or a sports season. A sudden increase of activity may also cause MTSS during the end of a season or a conditioning program.

A good workout program begins with a physical exam by a physician, then a gradual, consistent workout period. A good example of this type of program is a running program that starts with walking for 20 minutes, followed by an increase in exercise time and the intensity of the exercise. Good surfaces and proper equipment used in your workout will lower the risk of MTSS.

Components of a good exercise program should include core strengthening, muscle strengthening, and flexibility specific to the goals of the workout program or the sport.

If pain is encountered when working out, try decreasing the intensity of the workout. If the pain persists, then you should immediately stop and seek medical advice to discover the source of the pain. Pushing through pain often results in injury.

Medically reviewed by Aimee V. HachigianGould, MD; American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


"Overview of running injuries of the lower extremity"

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 7/26/2016

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