Symptoms and Signs of Skin Tags Causes, Pictures, Treatment, and Prevention

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Medically Reviewed on 3/26/2019

Doctor's Notes on Skin Tags Causes, Pictures, Treatment, and Prevention

Skin tags are small portions or outpouchings of skin that appear to be attached to or protrude from normal skin. Skin tags are usually just a few millimeters in diameter and are a very common and harmless skin condition. The medical term for a skin tag is acrochordon. They are not present at birth and tend to develop with aging as a result of skin friction.

Signs and symptoms of skin tags include small pieces of skin that may be the same color as surrounding skin or hyperpigmented (darker than surrounding skin). In most cases, they are attached to the underlying skin by a small band of tissue resembling a stalk. Unless there is local irritation, skin tags are not associated with pain or discomfort.

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