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Sleep Disorders in Women (cont.)

Medical Treatment for Sleep Disorders in Women

Why doesn't your health care provider prescribe a sleeping pill for you? One reason is that sleeping pills may cause dependency and abuse. Also, sleeping pills may cause side effects and complications, such as confusion, dizziness, imbalance, falls, and a daytime "hangover." These medications are only a short-term solution. The dose for prescription sleeping pills was recently changed for women because of significant side effects.

Your health care provider may treat medical or psychological sleep disorders or refer you to a specialist. Your health care provider may also change or discontinue medications to improve sleep. The treatment for sleep-disordered breathing is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). A mask is worn over the nose or mouth while you sleep, and gentle steady air pressure from the mask keeps your airway open. CPAP often provides immediate relief. Patients feel more rested at night and are more alert during the day.

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