Hair Loss Pictures, Causes, Treatments and Solutions

A bald man and woman with short hair enjoy the sun.
A man examines his scalp for hair loss (left). A woman is shocked by hair loss after brushing her hair (right).
The man on the left has patchy bald spots while the man on the right is completely bald.
The man on the left has patchy alopecia areata. The man on the right has alopecia areata that's affecting his beard.
A man receives a corticosteroid injection to treat alopecia areata.
An elderly woman has traction alopecia resulting from years of tight braids.
A teenage boy suffering from trichotillomania has a large patch of broken hair.
An African-American male suffering from tinea capitis has circular bald patches on his scalp.
This male has telogen effluvium (TE) hair loss.
Have you noticed evidence of increased hair loss?
This man has male-pattern baldness.
A man points to his thinning hair.
There are many myths about male-pattern baldness.
A woman shows signs of female-pattern baldness.
There are many myths about female-pattern baldness.
A man considers different hair loss treatments.
Many shampoos, conditioners, vitamins and other hair products claim to help hair grow.
Propecia 1 mg tablets.
A patient undergoes a hair-replacement procedure in which micrografts are placed in slits made at an angle along the frontal hairline.
A young chemotherapy patient shops for a wig to conceal her hair loss.

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Hair Loss: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

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