Pictures of Exercise Tips for Lowering Blood Pressure

A man jogs with his dog.
A grandfather and his grandson have fun riding their bikes.
A woman works out with a trainer.
A man lifts weights in the gym.
A man floats in a pool.
A mother jogs with her child in a stroller.
A group of people walk on treadmills.
An exercise group does water aerobics.
A man works out at home.
A couple works out at home.
A woman works out at home.
A woman warms up on a treadmill.
A man checks his heart rate with a heart rate monitor.
A man speaks with his doctor on the phone about his medication.
A group of women rest in between their exercise.
A male patient has his blood pressure checked by a doctor.
Various DASH diet foods.
A woman checks her weight on a scale.
A woman chops herbs for cooking.
A corkscrew in a wine bottle.

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Reviewed by Robert J. Bryg, MD on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to Lower Blood Pressure: Exercise Tips

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