15 Tips to Lower Cholesterol and Avoid Heart Disease

Red raspberries arranged in the shape of a heart.
A breakfast plate of fried eggs, bacon, and toast.
A handful of pistachios.
Produce at a market.
Fresh salmon steaks.
A bowl of whole grain cereal with berries.
Various types of nuts.
A hand dipping bread in olive oil.
A bowl of lentils.
A woman exercising on the floor.
A couple walking in a park.
A man playing with his son in a wheelbarrow.
A woman stretching before her outdoor exercise.
A sandwich plate with french fries.
A woman looking at a nutrition label while grocery shopping.
A woman relaxing and breathing fresh air.
A man pinching his belly at the beach.
A woman checking her weight at the doctor’s office.

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Reviewed by Robert J. Bryg, MD on Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Lower Your Cholesterol, Save Your Heart

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