Exercise During Pregnancy

Getting exercise while pregnant is beneficial for your health.
Keep your heart rate in mind while exercising.
Generally it is fine for a woman to exercise during pregnancy, if she has not previously.
Consult your health care provider to see if exercise is safe for you during pregnancy.
Be sure to keep hydrated throughout your workouts.
Basic pregnancy exercise guidelines.
Many exercises are safe during pregnancy as long as they are practiced with caution.
Stretch to help warm up before your workout.
A woman performing a neck rotation exercise.
A pregnant woman performing a shoulder rotation exercise.
A pregnant woman swimming for exercise.
A woman performing a thigh shift exercise.
A pregnant woman performing a leg shake exercise.
A pregnant woman performing an ankle rotation exercise on an exercise ball.
Doing Kegel exercises during pregnancy can help strengthen muscles to prepare for birth.
To alleviate back pain during pregnancy, tailor exercises.
If you choose to do yoga, make sure to take classes specifically for pregnancy or prenatal yoga.
Some exercises are considered unsafe while pregnant.
Exercise routines must be adjusted as the body changes throughout pregnancy.
Stick with exercises that are familiar to you as your balance shifts during pregnancy.
Exercise warnings for pregnant women.
Talk to your health care provider about when it is safe to exercise after giving birth.

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Prenatal Workout: Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women

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