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Smokeless Tobacco (cont.)

How can you or someone you know reduce or stop chewing tobacco?

Although chewing tobacco has been marketed as a way to use tobacco when smoking is not permitted, chewing tobacco is not a safe substitute for smoking. Any tobacco use carries a significant risk of adverse health effect and raises cancer risk, and there is no safe level of chewing tobacco use. Advertisers have also implied that chewing tobacco use is a way to help quit cigarette smoking, although there is no proof that chewing tobacco can be used to help quit smoking, and this is not recommended.

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009 gives the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the power to regulate tobacco products in the United States. This will permit control over the marketing and advertising of tobacco products, including chewing tobacco. This law restricts the type and amount of advertising of tobacco products, including exposure of teens and youth to tobacco advertising.

In 2015, San Francisco banned the use of snuff or chewing tobacco at all sports venues, becoming the first US city to undertake this preventive measure. This includes AT&T Park, home to the city's major league baseball team (Giants).

Quitting chewing tobacco addiction is possible. The numerous support systems, programs, and even prescription medications that are available to help people quit smoking are also effective in helping people quit using chewing tobacco.

Nicotine replacement products as well as prescription medications can be useful in helping people overcome nicotine addiction. The American Cancer Society's publication on quitting chewing tobacco (see References below) is an excellent guide for those interested in quitting chewing tobacco use.

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