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Brown Recluse Spider Bite - Experience

What was your experience with brown recluse spider bite?

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Comment from: Kelly, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 31

I was bit by a brown recluse spider in 1999 I was 22. A few of us after work decided to get some drinks and food and the restaurant had tables outside where we sat at. Late evening I had my legs on another chair relaxing while waiting on other servers to finish closing. This is where the spider had to have gotten in contact with me (I was wearing shorts) and I believe this is where it crawled up to where the crease of your stomach is when you sit down and when I bent over or sat back down I was bitten. Upon arriving home I got in the shower and I scratched the area as well because it was itching. A few days to a week later I had gotten really sick and had noticed the mark on my stomach and made appointment to see the doctor the next day. Well, the doctor told me that I was bitten by a brown recluse and that my scratching my stomach helped get some of the sac off me but the doctor still had to scrape some of the poison out, for which he did have to cut me open and scrape the poison out. He finished scraping the venom out, then he stuffed about 3 feet of gauze in it and I believe about a week later I went back and he took the gauze out and said it has to heal from the inside out, so I had a nice size hole under my belly button until it healed.

Comment from: kath., 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 31

I had a brown recluse spider bite when I was still in high school. So, back in the 19 hundreds. It had to be 1976ish. I still have a dime size tissue gone in my lower foreleg. The venom went into my blood stream and I had trouble breathing. I had to go to the emergency room because my Mom knew something was horribly wrong for me to miss school. I loved going to school. They didn't know what it was at first, as brown recluses were not known to live in Washington State. Well, they do!

Comment from: Dan, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: April 06

I was bitten by a brown recluse spider behind my ear. I did not know that I was bitten, long story short a huge boil looking thing was behind my ear. The pain started, then fever and hallucinations. I tried to be my own doctor and let the bite drain for 2 weeks; endless draining, could fill a coffee cup up easily. Well, a month later I was healed up but I lost major weight. My body started breaking down slowly puking every day, finally I was puking up bile, and pain set in bad in my stomach. I ended up in the emergency room because the doctor could see the spider bite 2 months later. I looked so bad they were asking me if I was a homeless drug addict! I tried to explain but no one would listen. They were telling me I had pancreatitis, etc. Well, they ruled that out but they couldn't diagnose me with anything, just had a lot of IVs. What a horrid experience, I have never been the same since. I should have got treated early, my fault. My jaw is permanently messed up, the right side of my face also, and nervous system. I think I was bitten 3 times, I have pictures pretty nasty!

Comment from: Terri, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 06

I am still in the process. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider 5 weeks ago. I just had to write in case this information will help anyone. I was bitten and several days later it blistered and popped. Several more days and it developed the black fang looking hole/scab with red ring around. I immediately began treating with essential oil 'On Guard' by Doterra. (No, I don't sell it.) I also put a drop under my tongue every morning and night. It didn't do anything; for 4 weeks. It just stayed the same size, and didn't itch much or hurt at all. Just about a 1 inch size red spot with 1/4 black fang scab in the middle. I got so confident with it. I wanted to see what would happen (embarrassed to admit). I pulled off the scab and didn't treat it for a few days (with the oil). It immediately began to spread all over the area (I think I spread the venom around), and it itched severely. I know I can't stand not to scratch (at night when I'm sleepy) and that seems to spread it more. I've been getting chills and itching has spread systemically. Needless to say, I started taking the oils again (also taking boswellia, not sure which was helping before), but it is having a hard time catching up.

Comment from: Dori, 7-12 Male (Caregiver) Published: February 26

It was May 1973 just before my son's 8th birthday and we had gotten a call from his school around noon to pick him up. He was sick with a high fever and had a swollen area on his lower back the size of a half dollar with an indentation in the center. We rushed him to his doctor who diagnosed him with a throat infection, asked him what happened to his back, and when my son said he fell while getting off the bus at school, the doctor assumed the swollen area on his back was an injury from the fall. He sent him home with an antibiotic. A few hours after resting quietly in bed, he got up to go to the bathroom and screamed when all he was urinating was blood. We rushed him to the emergency room and a surgeon knew instantly that he had been bitten by an insect of some sort. Blood test revealed that he was bitten by a brown recluse spider. He was given fluid and steroids. A catheter drained blood from his kidneys. All we could do was pray as we listened to our child scream in pain for hours. The entire side of his back and chest had hardened and we were told that due to systemic toxicity, he most likely would not live through the night. After he had made it through the night, we were told not to get our hopes up, the hardened areas could slough off exposing his heart and lungs. Gradually, over the next few days, his condition improved and he celebrated his birthday in the hospital where many people came by to see what the doctors were calling 'the miracle child.' Most kids don't survive what he went through. Today, he has only a large scar on his back. These spiders are not to be ignored. We had never heard of them until our son was bitten and he was the first reported victim in our county. Sometimes the only way to know that they exist in your home is to lay glue traps along the baseboard. If you find one, there most likely are hundreds or thousands more that you don't see.


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