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Brown Recluse Spider Bite - Symptoms

What symptoms did you experience with your brown recluse spider bite?

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Comment from: Maury, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 13

About one year ago I developed nummular eczema after a wasp sting to my neck. About a month into the steroid treatment, I got bit in the back by a brown recluse spider. It did not go totally necrotic, I am assuming due to the steroids, but took months to heal. In May/early June of 2017, the wound area began hurting again and then started forming a new scab. I have rashes on hands, arms, legs and edema in my lower leg under the bite. The bite area is bright red with a white center. I was on prednisone for two months and then given a topical steroid, which gives me a face rash, so I quit using it. I have had blood work done, and all is within normal limits, although my glucose levels are a bit high. I am fatigued, lose concentration, my skin is very thin (steroids, maybe) and I lost my appetite for a few days. I am taking a regimen of echinacea, milk thistle with burdock and red clover, maitake and a host of vitamins and minerals. I clean the wound twice a day with hydrogen peroxide and apply a poultice of echinacea tincture. I am upping fluid intake as well. I am hoping this venom leaves my system. I feel invaded.

Comment from: CloseCall, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 08

I was bitten on my heel by a brown recluse spider. Immediately the blister appeared next to the fang marks (one darker than the other), slight swelling, and a strange sensation began. I applied an anti-itch topical cream, iced and elevated my foot for 40 minutes and the swelling and strange sensation subsided. I did not experience any skin breakdown or necrosis. Two days after the bite the blister is gone. Feeling really fortunate.

Comment from: BVav, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 15

I kept getting bites on my fingers while working outdoors. They were small and looked like red ant bites but itched like crazy. After a day or two the tissue was deteriorating into a hole. The scab even looked bad. I treated it with cream and bandages. I woke up a few days later and my forearm felt bruised and swollen but I assumed I hit it in my sleep. After two weeks I finally went to CVS Minute Clinic and they gave me antibiotics which created a huge abscess on my arm which was starting to hurt. I went to the emergency room and had to have it lanced, wow, that hurt. They packed the hole with gauze and I went back yesterday to a real doctor who removed packing and gave me 2 kinds of antibiotics. I have a huge hole in my arm and draining it heals fast. Do not wait if you think you were bitten by a brown recluse spider. The lancing was more painful than childbirth and the scar is permanent.

Comment from: Shoshana, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: June 25

I awakened with what looked a two small whiteheads, one on each wrist. Apparently I had been sleeping with my wrists crossed above my head. Within two days the whiteheads were replaced by two, nickel-sized raised pink/red patches. A day after that, during which time both became quite itchy, a larger than quarter-sized crinkly patch appeared. I had, prior to the above, been unpacking boxes which had been in storage for a couple of years. Also, all of a sudden I began seeing numerous spiders which I associated with the opening of boxes which had been in storage. I had seen a news story several year before about brown recluse spider bites. Because the spiders I had noticed were plentiful, I managed to catch one and brought to emergency room where it was identified as a brown recluse. I was put on antibiotics and within four days black scabs fell off. Now, more than a decade later, I still have two small scars, one on the back of each wrist.

Comment from: cctow97, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 19

I was bitten by a brown recluse spider several years back, on the front of my right hip at around 6 am. The bite began with itchiness. I initially thought it was because I had mowed grass the day before and maybe 'got into something' that was causing the itch. By 2 pm, I noticed my hip was badly bruised. I didn't remember running into anything and didn't think I had scratched that hard. Then it dawned on me when I had gotten out of the shower that morning there was a dead spider laying on the bath mat that wasn't there before I got in and I figured I'd gotten bit. I left work (which was 50 miles from home) to go have the area checked out at my local emergency room (ER). By 3 pm, I was feverish, had excruciating burning across my hip, was so red from head to toe that it looked like I had baked in the sun for a month straight, and I was swollen around from my belly button to the middle of my back. (Picture wearing half of an inner tube!) I took the spider with me to the ER to show the doctor, but I knew it was a recluse, you could see the fiddle. I was in so much pain in the ER that it hurt to sit or lie down and I was so nauseated that I just wanted to throw up and sleep! By 6 pm, the ER doctors confirmed the spider was a recluse so they gave me a tetanus shot. Because of the systematic reaction I was having, they wanted to admit me right then and there. I told them I was a single mom and I had to go home to make arrangements for my kids. After doing this, I checked into the hospital and was apparently their star attraction. They had never seen/treated anyone who had had such a severe reaction to recluse venom. I had people in and out of my room at all hours. I was hospitalized for a week, during which time I was being monitored for kidney/liver/heart failure. My entire system had bottomed out, when I was previously healthy as a horse! By the end of the week, the bite area was black with three white 'pimples'. I was off work and on home care for almost a month before I was well enough for debridement surgery. They cut seven inches across, three inches wide and all the way down to my hip bone. (What I now call poor man's liposuction!) I had ringing in my ears for a month after the bite, heart palpitations and could hear my heart pounding in my ears for two weeks after getting out of the hospital. I was off work from May through July. I still have a nasty scar from the experience and they told me if I'm ever bitten again, it could kill me next time.


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