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Staph Infection - Length Symptoms Lasted

How long did the symptoms of your staph infection last?

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Comment from: Sandy, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 27

I have 2 very rare autoimmune diseases and as a result, have little to no immunity against staph and strep (chronically low complement cascade). I've had life threatening infections since age 2, but as I've gotten older, they are more frequent and more severe. For many of them there is no trauma, no cut, blister, etc., and the doctors say I get them from microscopic breaks in my skin. They come on rapidly. I can literally go to bed fine without any idea something is brewing and wake up at 1 or 2 am in severe pain. They come so fast and are so bad my doctor starts me on antibiotics before seeing me. In the last 4 years I've been hospitalized 3 times between 6 to 11 days each time for IV Vanco and had to have tendon wash out surgery each time which leaves me with permanent loss of function and range of motion. I'm always discharged on IV antibiotics for anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. I just had another bad infection right on the ankle joint in the front of my leg, without any visible cause, but managed to stay out of the hospital. It was exceedingly painful as anytime pressure was put on the foot, it compressed the infection. On the plus side, the compression caused the site to explosively rupture and drain which stopped the redness from spreading which at that point was right below my knee cap. I try to avoid the hospital like the plague due to the permanent function losses every hospitalization has caused. This last 1 started during the night of 8/29th. The doctor first started Keflex; 48 hours later switched to cephalexin, and 96 hours later switched to Zyvox which cleared up the acute infection. It is now 24 days since the whole thing started and I still don't feel like myself. Thank goodness the nausea is gone and my appetite is slowly returning, but I'm still not me. I lost somewhere between 10 to 15 lb. during this infection.

Comment from: tracy, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 26

I have had 12 surgeries in as many years and now have staph infection all over my skin. It started 2 years ago and traveled from my legs all the way up to my arms and back and breasts. I am sick most of the time and get sores in my mouth, nose and private areas. I am allergic to sulfa drugs so many antibiotics have been tried. I am sick of this! My multitude of problems range from cancer to hernias and removal of 7 feet of intestine. I got turned down for disability. I am going to die from this! I moved from Florida to Ohio and my new doctor's answer is to cut my pain medications to about a third and trying to take me off. No hope left for me, my pain is unreal!

Comment from: Hola, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 24

I had gone to see my doctor about some open sores, he gave me antibiotics, and sent me home. Well, that was May 9, I saw it wasn't getting better, so I went back to my doctor. I saw a different doctor who said it is a staph infection. Now it has spread to my face where they look like little red dots.

Comment from: Susan, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 24

I gave birth to my son in 1987 and had toxemia due to staph infection. I am 52 years old and still have it. I am miserable and it is very painful because I have all over my body, especially in my vaginal area. I have been miserable through the years.

Comment from: jtk1977, (Patient) Published: October 14

My war on staph: I got this nasty infection last year in the worst place you can get it for a guy: the groin. I went to the hospital and they had to operate. Luckily they caught it in time. The sad part about it is I was unemployed and had no health insurance at the time. They only gave me a limited amount of medicines to treat it. This is where I had to learn the hard way. I ended up getting re-infected with more than 13 on my body at a time. I finally came down with a system to help prevent and neutralize boils. This does not replace a doctor though, as a disclaimer. There aren't many manuals out there on preventing re-infection, so I'll try my best here. This infection is not environmentally friendly and should not be treated as such. If you want to get rid of it, then you'll need to be exceptionally clean. Do not use washcloths in the shower (this can spread it over your body more). Do not take baths; showers are better. Use anti-bacterial bar soap to minimize the spread. When you towel off, dry the affected areas last. Do not reuse your towels or clothing. Wash your hands any time they come into contact with sores or anything discharging from your skin, again, anti-bacterial soap is preferred. After toweling off, make sure you have the following: PRID Homeopathic Drawing Salve, Boil Ease (painkiller), Tea Tree Oil, bandages (choose something that covers the affected area so whatever oozes out doesn't spread to another part of the body), and Q-Tips. I changed my bandages twice a day. I applied the first set straight out of the shower in the morning. The PRID, boilease, and tea tree oil would be applied to the bandages via the Q-Tip so as not to infect the medicine itself and placed over the areas that were either forming or discharging. If the bandages are a dark red when you pull them off, then it is working. Strip all bed sheets and pillows or any cloth your skin comes in contact with and get them washed, trashed, or burned. You can buy those anti-bacterial hand and face wipes to help clean furniture. Lysol also works but read the instructions before you apply as to how long you need to let it set because it can irritate your skin and lungs.


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