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Teething (cont.)

What Are Teething Symptoms and Signs?

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Many children have little or no problem with teething, while others may have significant discomfort. Usually, the pain with teething comes and goes and may seem to ease after several minutes. Teething symptoms are not well defined, and parents as well as care providers often attribute symptoms to teething, which may not be accurate. Some of the symptoms of teething can be attributed to the dental follicle (sac containing the developing tooth) and the release of inflammatory agents during the tooth eruption.

  • Teething may cause the following symptoms and signs:
    • Increased drooling
    • Restlessness or decreased sleeping due to gum discomfort
    • Refusal of food due to soreness of the gum region
    • Fussiness that comes and goes
    • Bringing the hands to the mouth
    • Mild rash around the mouth due to skin irritation secondary to excessive drooling
    • Rubbing the cheek or ear region as a consequence of referred pain during eruption of the molars
  • Teething has not been shown to cause the following:
    • High fever (especially over 101 degrees)
    • Diarrhea, runny nose, and cough
    • Prolonged fussiness
    • Rashes on the body

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