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Tennis Elbow (cont.)

Tennis Elbow Follow-up

  • Patients should continue the treatment plan for the prescribed length of time. Ending a treatment plan too early increases the chance of reinjury to the tendon.
  • If, after a period of relief, your pain comes back, return to a treatment plan or revisit your doctor.

Is It Possible to Prevent Tennis Elbow?

Patient Comments
  • For tennis players:
    • Adjust racquet size: Use a midsized racquet. Oversized racquets can put too much strain on the arm and increase the risk of injury.
    • Loosen string tension: Higher string tension can increase the torque and vibration the arm experiences, thereby increasing the risk of injury.
    • Adjust grip size: A hand grip too small or too large decreases your control of the racquet and increases your risk of injury.
    • Check racquet material: Graphite racquets and nylon strings seem to reduce the torque and vibration the arm receives, thus reducing the risk of a strain injury.
    • Use a tennis elbow strap or tennis elbow brace during play until completely healed.
    • Be careful not to extend the wrist when hitting a backhand.
    • Take a lesson from a tennis professional to improve your technique and explain your difficulties and symptoms.
  • Overall:
    • Ease into any repetitive motion activity around the house and at work and rest at the first sign of pain or soreness.
    • Continue exercises for strength and flexibility even after your pain has gone away before engaging in tennis or other repetitive motion activities.

What Is the Prognosis of Tennis Elbow?

  • A vast majority of people have pain relief within 12 months of conservative therapy (ice, rest, and anti-inflammatory medications).
  • Those who do not get relief with conservative therapy go on to other treatments, also with very high effectiveness.
  • Failure to follow through on a therapy plan frequently leads to recurrence.


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Last Reviewed 9/11/2017

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