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Threatened Miscarriage (cont.)

Threatened Miscarriage Follow-up

  • Although rest will not prevent miscarriage, a woman may feel better if she avoids exerting herself.
  • Do not douche or insert anything (including tampons) into the vagina.
  • Do not have sex until symptoms have been completely gone for one week.
  • Return to the emergency department in the following cases:
    • Cramping worsens
    • Bleeding worsens (requiring more than one pad per hour)
    • Passage of tissue
    • Fever
    • Anything else alarming
  • Another blood test may be performed in 48 to 72 hours to check the hCG level. The rise or fall of this level is helpful in predicting if the pregnancy has ended. If the level is falling, the pregnancy may have ended.
  • A follow-up ultrasound may be performed.
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