Why Are My Toenails That Color?

Whether you're washing your hands or admiring a manicure, you spend a lot more time looking at your fingernails than your toenails.
If your toenail turns black, it's most likely a bruise under the nail, technically called a subungual hematoma.
Say you're not a runner, your shoes are roomy, and you're sure you haven't hurt your toe -- yet you have one or more black toenails.
When toenails turn yellow, a fungus is usually to blame.
Unless you're wearing green nail polish, this is a color you don't want to see on your toenails.
If you stub your toe and it turns blue, you might not think twice about the color.
Stubbing your toe doesn't always lead to a bruise.
Do you have a toenail that's turned white, or has large powder-like patches?
Another type of fungal infection is called proximal subungual onychomycosis.
When toenails have red and white stripes, there are usually problems elsewhere on your body.
The term for brown and sometimes black color on your toenail is melanonychia.

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Reviewed by Stephanie S. Gardner, MD on Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Foot Problems: Why Are My Toenails That Color?

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