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Tonsillitis (cont.)

Can tonsillitis be prevented?

  • In certain instances, tonsillitis can be prevented by avoiding exposure to potential sources of infection.
  • Avoid contact with individuals with upper respiratory tract infections or strep throat.
  • Wash hands frequently to prevent the spread of the virus or bacteria that can cause tonsillitis.
  • Do not use utensils or other items touched by infected individuals.

What is the outlook for someone with tonsillitis?

In general, the prognosis for tonsillitis is excellent, and most people recover without any complications or long-term problems. Most cases of viral tonsillitis resolve within 7-10 days with watchful waiting. When treated with antibiotics, strep throat can be cured most of the time with a single course of antibiotics, and individuals will begin to feel better within 24-48 hours.

The prognosis for those individuals who develop complications from tonsillitis is dependent on the severity and extent of the complication. Death from tonsillitis or its complications is very rare.


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