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Toxoplasmosis (cont.)

Toxoplasmosis Treatment

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Toxoplasmosis can be treated medically. There are several agents, usually used in combination, to treat infection by this parasite. The individual circumstances of each patient determine the optimal drug combination, dosage and duration. For example, patients who are pregnant or with HIV/AIDS require special treatment considerations. The best way to determine individual medical treatments, based on the patient health situation, is in consultation with an infectious diseases expert.

Follow-up for Toxoplasmosis

Patients who have been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis require follow-up with their treating physicians. People with mild infection may need little follow-up if no medical treatment was needed; however pregnant individuals and their delivered infants may require close follow-up to determine if additional treatments are necessary. Immunocompromised patients, especially HIV patients, require lifelong ongoing treatment and regular follow-up evaluations. People who are known to have had toxoplasmosis in the past and has become immunocompromised (for example, HIV, cancer or undergo chemotherapy) need to inform their caregivers about the parasite infection since immunosuppression can allow reactivation of the parasites. These patients will require close follow-up.

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