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Ulcerative Colitis (cont.)

Ulcerative Colitis Diet

Foods do not cause ulcerative colitis, but certain food groups can cause symptoms to flare. Often it is a process of trial and error to find what foods need to be avoided.

  • Dairy foods: Some patients with ulcerative colitis may also have lactose intolerance that can make the diarrhea worse.
  • High fiber is often recommended to aid with bowel regularity, but may make the diarrhea worse in ulcerative colitis. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruit may worsen pain, gas, and diarrhea. Finding foods are the culprit may require a trial and error approach.
  • Trial and error may also find other "gassy" foods like caffeine and carbonated beverages.
  • Small, frequent meals may be helpful in controlling symptoms. Grazing during the day may be better than 2 or 3 large meals.
  • The body can lose a significant amount of water with diarrhea, and drinking plenty of fluids to replace that loss is very important.
  • A less than rounded diet may require vitamin and mineral supplements, and visiting with a dietician is often an important step in maintaining good nutrition while controlling the symptoms.
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Ulcerative colitis (UC)is an idiopathic chronicinflammatory disorder limited to the colon.

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