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Vaginal Bleeding (cont.)

What are home remedies for abnormal vaginal bleeding?

Make sure that the bleeding is coming from the vagina and is not from the rectum or the urinary tract (blood only in the urine). You can insert a tampon into your vagina to confirm that the source of your bleeding is coming from the area of your vagina, cervix, and uterus.

If you are bleeding heavily, rest in bed.

Keep track of the number of pads or tampons you use so that you and your health-care professional can determine the amount of your bleeding.

Avoid taking aspirin because it may prolong bleeding.

What is the treatment for abnormal vaginal bleeding?

For hormonal irregularities, effective treatments for dysfunctional uterine bleeding usually involve the use of prescription hormones such as birth control pills to help in the coordination of the menstrual cycle. A specialist such as a gynecologist usually starts this type of treatment. The doctor should check for another cause of bleeding if the patient does not respond to hormonal treatment. If other causes (such as infections or bleeding disorders) are found, treatment is directed toward the underlying cause.

What about surgery for abnormal vaginal bleeding?

If other causes are found, different therapies might be needed, which may include surgical procedures to remove lesions that can cause abnormal bleeding.

What is the outlook for a woman with abnormal vaginal bleeding?

  • If a woman's bleeding is caused by irregularities in hormones triggering menstrual periods, she should expect that the menstrual cycles will become more regular in a few months after starting hormonal therapy with birth control pills.
  • If a woman begins hormonal treatment, follow-up with a health-care professional.
  • The woman should make sure that another more serious and life-threatening reason is not the cause of the bleeding.


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