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Vasectomy (cont.)

When to Seek Medical Care

Contact the doctor if any of the following symptoms develops:

  • Fever and chills
  • A large black and blue area
  • Increasing pain
  • Drainage (sign of infection)
  • A growing mass (sign of internal bleeding or infection)
  • Excessive swelling of the scrotum (expect some swelling)
  • Other concerns

Reversing a Vasectomy

While the best thing about a vasectomy is that it is permanent in almost every individual that gets the procedure, couples sometimes choose to reverse a vasectomy. This reversal procedure is not guaranteed to restore fertility and is usually not covered by insurance.

  • Reasons for vasectomy reversal include the following:
    • A joint decision by the couple to have another child
    • Death of a child
    • Remarriage

The success of a reversal is measured in two separate ways: the ability to open the vas channel and the ability to deliver effective sperm. Delivering sperm, while the most important, is affected by the period of blockage upon the testicles. As an alternative to seeking a reversal later, some men freeze and store sperm at a sperm bank before their vasectomy in case they later choose to have a child.

Table 3. Success Rates After Vasectomy Reversal*
Years Since the Vasectomy Chance of Rebuilding an Open Vas Channel Chance of Pregnancy
Less than three years 97% 76%
Three to eight years 88% 53%
Nine to 14 years 79% 44%
Greater than 15 years 71% 30%
*From a study of more than 1,000 patients by the Vasectomy Reversal Study Group

A vasectomy is a choice only a man can make, preferably with the support of his partner. While it is safe and simple, the permanent nature of the procedure requires careful consideration. By choosing this nearly 100%-effective procedure, a man can control the size of the family without placing his partner at increased risk. For more information about vasectomies, contact your doctor.

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