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Warts (cont.)

Follow-up Wart Care

Follow the home care plan or treatment given to you by your doctor. Several of the wart-removal treatments, such as liquid nitrogen and laser therapy, may require repeat visits.

  • If your wart was treated with liquid nitrogen, laser therapy, or surgical removal, apply local wound care. Local wound care includes keeping the area covered with a sterile bandage, applying an antibiotic ointment, and looking for signs of an infection.
  • Signs of an infection include increasing redness and pain at the treatment site, red streaks going up an extremity toward the heart, pus coming from the wound, or a fever of 101 F or higher. If any of these occur, you need to follow up with your doctor or be seen in a hospital's emergency department.

Wart Prevention

Avoid touching warts on others or touching them on yourself (refrain from rubbing a warty finger across your face). Wear shower shoes in the gym locker room to lower your risk of picking up the virus that causes plantar warts from the moist environment.

Wart Prognosis

The prognosis for warts is usually good. Most warts will disappear without treatment in six months to three years. Home remedies are often effective. When home treatment does not work, there are several medical options that remove the wart. However, warts tend to reoccur.

Wart Pictures

A common wart shows up as a pink circle toward the top of the hand.
A common wart shows up as a pink circle toward the top of the hand. Click to view larger image.

A plantar wart can be seen on this foot in a common position on the heel.
A plantar wart can be seen on this foot in a common position on the heel. Click to view larger image.

Medically reviewed by Norman Levine, MD; American Board of Dermatology


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Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 5/18/2016

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Warts are benign proliferations of skin and mucosa caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).

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