Weight Loss Surgery: What to Expect

There is more than one way to lose weight through surgery.
To qualify for weight loss surgery, you have to be more than 100 lbs. overweight or have certain medical conditions.
Some weight loss surgeries shrink your stomach, while others bypass it.
You will want to discuss the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery with your doctor.
Preparing for weight loss surgery means drinking only clear liquids for one or two days.
Your surgeon must choose between open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.
You get a new stomach as a result of gastric bypass surgery.
Your intestines must be inserted into your new stomach during gastric bypass surgery.
Most of your feelings of hunger are removed, along with most of your stomach, during a gastric sleeve surgery.
The gastric lap-band is a reversible surgery.
Stomach stapling is considered old-fashioned.
This surgery dramatically reduces the amount of calories and nutrients your body can absorb.
You will need rest and pain medication following your surgery.
Weight loss surgery will require you to relearn how to feed yourself with the help of a nutritionist.
Weight loss results vary by surgery, but may be as much as one pound per day.
Surgery can help reduce blood pressure, diabetes, and other health problems.
Daily habits regarding nutrition and exercise must change after weight loss surgery.
Weight loss surgery comes with some risks, like all surgery, but serious problems are rare.
You may risk infection, blood clots, and other complications following weight loss surgery.
Food may move too quickly through your small intestine after surgery, causing diarrhea and other symptoms.
Malabsorptive weight loss surgery may require supplements to maintain proper nutrition.
Emotional ups and downs are common after weight loss surgery.

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Weight Loss Surgery: What to Expect

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