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Wilderness: Decompression Illness (cont.)


Decompression Sickness Treatment

  • Give 100% oxygen to a person with decompression illness.
  • If the person with decompression illness has nausea or is not fully conscious, place that person on his or her side.
  • Administer IV fluids if possible. Otherwise, administer sips of nonalcoholic, clear liquids as tolerated.
  • Administer CPR if necessary.

When to Seek Medical Care for Decompression Sickness

Patient Comments
  • Seek medical treatment in all cases of decompression illness.
  • Arrange hyperbaric oxygen treatment for a person with decompression illness as soon as possible (see diving emergency contacts).
  • Check with local wound clinics, as many have hyperbaric chambers.

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"Complications of SCUBA diving"

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