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Diving (SCUBA) Emergency Contacts

Diving Emergency Facilities Around the World

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For diving-related emergencies, contact Divers Alert Network worldwide. They accept collect calls on the number listed below.

1-919-684-9111 (they accept Collect calls)

Note: At the time of article revision / update, the numbers listed below were considered to up to date and accurate. Recommendation is to use the Divers Alert Network number listed above.

Australia: within 1800-088200, outside +61-8-8212-9242

Belgium: Ostend 050-55-87-13, Brussels 02-262-22-82

Brazil 0800 684 9111

Canada: 416-340-4131, Divers Alert Network (DAN) 1-919-684-9111 (they accept Collect calls)

China +852-3611-7326

Europe: (DAN) +39-06-4211-8685

Germany: Kronshagen/Kiel 0431-54090 or Berlin +49-30-4551708

Japan: (DAN) +81-3-38124999

Korea (055) 549-0912

Latin America: (DAN) 919-684-9111 (accepts collect calls) or 919-684-4DAN (4326)

Italy: 39 06 49970424

Malta: Qormi 356-491972 or St. Julians 356-371849

Malaysia: (DAN) 05-930-4114

New Zealand: 0800-4DES 111

Philippines: (DAN) 02-815-9911

Singapore: (DAN) 6758-1733 (Naval Medicine & Hyperbaric Center)

Spain: 93-4331551

Southern Africa: (DAN) within 0800-020-111, outside +27-10-209-8112

United Kingdom:

  • England, Wales, or Northern Ireland: Call the Royal Navy Doctor at 07831-151523 (24 hours)
  •  Scotland - Call the on-call hyperbaric consultant at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on 0845-408-6008 (24 hours) USA: (DAN) 919-684-8111 or 919-684-4326 (accepts collect calls)

Web Links

Diver's Alert Network, DAN Emergency Hotline

Diver's Alert Network Asia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Southern Africa, DAN Asia and Pacific

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Divers Alert Network.

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