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Wilderness: Scorpion Sting (cont.)

What are the symptoms of a scorpion sting?

In general, the sting usually causes discomfort that slowly decreases over time. The discomfort, described below, usually ranges from moderate to severe.

  • A person who has been stung by a scorpion may feel a painful, tingling, burning or numbing sensation at the sting site.
  • The reaction at the sting site may appear mild. Rarely, a person experiencing a serious reaction may develop severe symptoms throughout the body.
  • Severe symptoms include
    • widespread numbness,
    • difficulty swallowing,
    • a thick tongue,
    • blurred vision,
    • roving eye movements,
    • seizures,
    • salivation, and
    • difficulty breathing.

These symptoms constitute a medical emergency. Death may occur.

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Scorpion stings are a major public health problem in many underdeveloped tropical countries.

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